44.2 °F

Hum: 79% Dew: 38.1 °F
Baro: 1017.38 hPa
Wind: S @ 0.0 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 02:50
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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TNET Weather Station - Mesa, Arizona USA
Graphical Thermometer
44.2°F Falling
Trend: -1.0 °F
HI 47.0 F     LO 44.2 F
Humidity: 79%         DewPt: 38.1 °F
Humidex: 44.2 °F   HeatIdx: 44.2 °F
Apparent: 41.6 °F   Office: 74.5 °F
Pressure: 1017.38 hPa Falling (-0.19 hPa)
Wind: S (175°) @ 0.0 mph
Beaufort: F0 - Calm
Wind gusts:   0.0 mph   Wind Run 0.0 Miles
Sun Info: Solar: 0 M/w2 UV: 0.0
Rain Today: No Rain Today
This station is using the Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus. Most of the data on these pages are updated once a minute. The meteorological day used by this station ends at Midnight MST (US/Arizona). Weather data on this site is typically updated once every minute.

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Currently all projects are suspended due to lack of time. No ETA when that might change for right now.

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Data Updated: 02:50 on 22 December 2014


MeasurementHigh ValueLow Value
Temperature47.0 F @ 00:0044.2 F @ 02:41
Barometer1017.78 hPa @ 00:001017.31 hPa @ 02:33
Wind0.0 mph @ 00:00
Wind Gust0.0 mph @ 00:00

2014 Rain Information

Today0.00 in
Last Tip (Can be days ago)2014-12-17 06:32
Current Rain Rate0.00 in per hr
Rain Last Hour0.00 in
Rain Yesterday 0.00 in
Rain so far this Month0.87 in
Rain so far this Year10.79 in
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